Creating A Winning Law Research Paper Outline

Writing a law research paper can be extremely stressful and a long-winded task for law students. This is further exacerbated for students who have not adequately planned on how they will compose their paper. One of the biggest contributing factors to law students failing or dropping out is due to writing papers without prior planning. Thus, today, we will be showing you how to compose a law research paper outline, which will increase your chances of success exponentially.


The first step to success in your law paper is to make a free schedule that is bereft of any distractions. This does not imply that you should lock yourself in your room and work on your paper 24/7, however it does mean that you should not participate in any activities during this period that will require a large commitment of time from yourself.

The reason why it is necessary to do this is because law papers require maximum effort and time to compose. Not only will you be writing your paper, but there is considerable research and editing involved, and students seldom take into account the time needed to do this.


For your law paper, as mentioned above, you will need to conduct significant research, to successfully complete. There are many sources of research that you can use to both help you in your understanding of the topic you are writing about, as well as use as a reference in your work.

Before you begin writing, it is best that you assimilate yourself very well with the topic you will be writing about. This means that you should go through your class notes in detail and make sure that you understand all the material. If you need further help in understanding parts of your notes then do not be afraid to approach your teacher about it.

In terms of sources to use in your paper, you can definitely search up landmark cases online related to the topic, and opinions on these cases by law experts. These can form the basis of the sources you will use during the course of your writing.

You can also go on your faculty’s website and find key pieces of research conducted by your law professors and, these too, can be used as sources in your paper.


Once you have collected your research, you need to plan your writing and create a research paper outline for it. The following is a good research paper outline template to follow:

We hope that you can use this research paper outline sample to succeed in composing your law paper, and are able to get really high marks using our advice.