10-Page Research Paper Outline Format: Tips And Tricks

Composing a 10-page research paper is a herculean task, not because of the time it requires for students to spend, but also due to the fact that you are required to include many different pieces of research to strengthen your essay. Due to this, many students crumble under the pressure, and hand in work that is well below their standard. Many bright students are also unable to find adequate sources that meet the high standard set by their teachers. In this article, you will learn exactly how to compose a 10 page research paper outline, and how to avoid the common mistakes that we have mentioned.


To create a successful research paper outline, you need to adequately. Now, as you can imagine, a plan for a 10-page research essay will require a lot of thought and time to work on, however, it will make the essay writing part of the process far easier for you. There is a reason for why teachers insist profusely for their students to create plans before they start writing. The benefits are numerous, and so you should take heed of that advice.

The general outline of your plan should look as follows:


A large and considerable part of cheap term papers is to analyze sources. To do this, you need to find high quality sources that have been verified by the academic community. The best way to find sources online is through a simple search on Google Scholar. This will bring up some of the most relevant studies that apply to the topic you are writing your paper about.

For your outline, make a note of all the sources you feel are useful for you, and include them in your plan. In your plan, you will have a brief summary of all the major points you aim to make in your paper, and this section will be the best place to write what sources you want to use.

We hope that, through this article, you have learned the necessary steps needed to write a research paper, especially the importance of an outline and how it should be formatted so you can achieve success.