Crafting A 5-Page Research Paper Outline In An Hour

If might seem the impossible: crafting a 5 page research paper outline in only an hour, but we are here to deliver the good news for you, that this, in fact, is perfectly within the realms of reality. However, you need to be very efficient with your time, as you do not have a lot of it! Thus, in this article, we will explain to you exactly how to construct a research paper outline in an hour, which will bring you success with your actual paper.


There is a reason for why most academic teachers and professors put such an emphasis on outlines and planes; they act as a blueprint and can making writing your paper an extremely efficient process. The outline can act as a guide for you to reference while you are writing your paper. The outline also forces you to think very carefully about the sources you will implement in your writing.


The very first step to creating an outline in such a short turnaround is to clear your schedule for an hour. Make sure that the hour you will be devoting to the outline will not interfere in any other plans you may have. After all, this hour you spend will require a great amount of energy and brainpower, so you should give it your entire all in this timeframe.


One of the leading causes for students not performing well in their essays is procrastination. While procrastinating, students tend to lose focus and in many cases go completely off track, forgetting what they were originally supposed to write. In the latter case, you will have your outline to save you if you decide to go off track while writing your paper. However, for the outline, we strongly recommend that you turn off mobile phone and it put it far away from yourself.


For your research paper, you will need to include sources to support your argument, and to analyze them. You only have an hour, so the best way to find such sources is through your faculty’s website. Your faculty will have a plethora of published research papers pertaining to your topic, and these can be used in your paper. When searching these documents, do not spend too long reading them, use the search function on your computer to find keywords that you feel are important, and then see if the studies incorporate them into their work.

Another good tip is to search academic journals, which will have an even larger range of papers than those that are available on your faculty’s website. Again, use the same tactic of searching up keywords that you feel are important, and then seeing whether or not the information pertaining to it is relevant for your paper.

The research paper help that we have provided should be good enough for you to produce a high quality research paper outline within an hour. Although it seems like a short timeframe, if you have a clear schedule without any distractions it is more than possible. And don't be afraid to get help from term paper writing service. It is totally affordable and secure.