Research Paper Topics for Salem Witch Trials

These were prosecutions that got done on people believed to have been witches in Massachusetts. Over 200 people got accused, and among them, 30 were guilty, and about 19 got hanged to death. There were five men and fourteen women.

The following are ideas for topics on the matter:

  1. Who were the famous witches in Germany between the 15th century and 16th century?
  2. Discuss the history of Peter Charles Hoffer and his influence in Salem witch trials
  3. What are the gender roles in the society of Puritans, and how did they influence the witch trials of Salem?
  4. What was the cause of Salem witch trials, and who steered it?
  5. Explain the conflict and compromise that aggravated in Salem witch trials
  6. What are the effects of Salem witch trials on the literature of America?
  7. What is the relationship between Salem witch trials and gay marriage?
  8. What was the involvement of John Proctor in the trials of Salem witches?
  9. Which lessons can we retrieve from Salem witch trials?
  10. What roles did gender play in Salem witch trials?
  11. Is ‘The Crucible’ accurate on accounts of history on reflecting Salem witch trials of 1693?
  12. What was the meaning behind Salem witch trials? What was the overall impact of the hearing on society?
  13. Is there a connection between Salem witch trials and the modern-day LGBTQ community discrimination?
  14. The rise of the night witches and the role they played in world war two
  15. What was McCarthyism’s role in the trials of the witches in Salem?
  16. Discuss the 14th to 17th-century witch trials that took place in Italy
  17. What is the comparison between Salem witch trials and the hysteria in McCarthy times
  18. What was the role of women in the society in the period of Salem witch trials during 17th century?
  19. Did Salem witch trials solve any social problems through the executions?
  20. Discuss the view of Ann Putnum on the witch trials in Salem
  21. Describe the occurrence of Salem witch trials and how the writings of Mather had an impact on the prevalence of evidence
  22. The book ‘The Salem Witch Trials’ by Marilynne Roach discuss how she describes the religion’s effect on the lives of people.
  23. Explain why the trials of Salem remain among the cringe and strangest chapters in the history of humanity.
  24. What were the events that followed up to Salem witch trials?
  25. Discuss the Universal Declaration of rights of people and the trials of Salem
  26. What is the legitimacy of witch trials during the present moments? What can get said about their legitimacy during the hearing?
  27. Discuss in specific, the accounts of the trials of the witches that occurred in Salem.
  28. What was the role of Carol Karlsen, and what is her opinion about the witch trials in Salem?
  29. Discuss history of medicine, women, health in the US
  30. What is one way that could have gotten applied to avoid the executions for witchcraft in the events that followed through Salem witch trials?